Hi all!

I thought I’d post the finished cover for Book Seven.

I am finishing up the Kickstarter and should be posting a link to it within 1 week.


As for the next chapter of The Dreamland Chronicles, I have all of my notes and am ready to begin writing it.

I have not one… but TWO screenplays I am currently working on and hope I can FINALLY tell you all about the animated feature I’m working on by the beginning of the year.


My plan is to either work on Dreamland as time permits, or work with the animation studio to lend me resources to produce the pages for the final 300 pages of the series.

One way or another… I am finishing this last book by 2015.


I don’t know what I will do when Dreamland is over. I will miss interacting with you all on a daily basis.

I think in a few weeks we’ll be coming up on our 8th year of posting online. Wow.


Anyways. Thank you (as always) for reading along and all of your support.

Hope to be showing you new pages very soon.