Hi all!

We are maybe 1 week away from rejoining Alex, Nastajia, and the gang for Chapter 20. Thank you so much for your patience. Each of these last chapters (there are only 22 chapters in this series) becomes harder and harder to write as there are so many “loose ends” I need to tie up before the series ends.

In the meanwhile… I thought it would be fun (though a bit premature since we don’t have the DNS working yet… but what the heck) to show you the first page of the DUTCH version of Dreamland.

That’s right! Our very own Caspar Van Laanen is translating every single page into Dutch. How cool is this?

The temporary site is here…


But soon (hopefully this week) the permanent link will be nl.thedreamlandchronicles.com

Caspar will be updating DAILY (as in 7 days a week) due to the 1600+ pages of archive he can work from.

Please… if you speak Dutch (or are even learning it) comment on the site and help him out with any translations. Give him lots of encouragement and have fun!


We also have Italian and French on the way. And if there are any other would-be-translators out there who would like to try their hands at another language… give me a shout.

This is just too fun!

See you all next week for Chapter 20!


u again!