Wonderful news! After two years off since we finished the story, Tracy Bailey and I are going to begin re-telling the story from the beginning with Tracy handling the art in her amazing style.

As you longtime fans know… the 14 years I worked to make the Dreamland Chronicles… most of my struggle was with the 3D technology of the times. 14 years is a long time and while the technology got better… it never really caught up to the quality I wanted to hit.

That said… I’m incredibly proud of the work I was able to produce and the story I was able to tell.

But I’ve always wanted to go back and do it right.

Tracy coming in and helping me finish the last 2 chapters showed me the way.

And after a layoff for the both of us… we’re ready to come back.

BUT… rather than wipe out the work of the last decade and a half… we’re going to leave the website as is and begin posting on Patreon!

Please join us here as we return to Dreamland

Thank you all!