Amidst all of the antibiotics and wrapping and baking (donna did all the baking) and dinner and what-not…I somehow managed a few minutes to sketch up a quick Christmas Card.

It’s REALLY rough…but fun.

I wish you all a great day with family and friends and once again…I am so thankful for all of you.

Your generosity this year with purchases from the store brought us much needed income for the next few months while we wait for checks from Disney and such. Some of you purchased the books for the 3rd or even 4th time. You’re just so awesome.

And I’m also thankful to EVERY single one of you who comes back daily. Whether you post or not…thank you for coming by. For your loyalty. For your support.

From our family. From Donna, Brendan, Logan, and I to you…

Thank you…and Merry Christmas.