We’re here!

The first new page since November of last year!


What a year it has been! The Animal Crackers Movie. The Kickstarter for Book Seven fiasco (the books are printed and on their way to me finally), The Dreamland card game Kickstarter (not by me. But my friend Scott Hyman. He’s feverishly working on getting that out to you as well).

As promised. We will begin the final book today.

This is Chapter 21 of a scheduled 22 chapters (there are 2 chapters in Book Eight… the final book of the series).

I’m really proud of it. And I just hope I can manage enough time each day to deliver the art for you.

Please be patient as I am flying to Valencia, Spain and Los Angeles ever few weeks or so while producing my first Animated Feature Film.

I’m writing, directing, and producing (among countless other tasks) with an amazing team of friends and colleagues.

It’s both exciting and terrifying at the same time.


But I started Dreamland 12+ years ago… and I’m darn well going to finish it!


So, if it’s not too much to ask… please know that I want to finish this story as much (I hope) as you want to see it finished.

I’m just doing it under EXTRAORDINARY circumstance.




PS. I didn’t put the “chapter page” up as I wanted to have it be of an image I can’t make yet (don’t have the model).

So please know I’ll post it later for yesterday.