As some of you MAY or may NOT have been following along in the blog, comments, facebook, etc., I thought I should post something new to explain what’s going on around here.

1) I am making my first animated feature.

2) I can’t tell you what it is.

3) I CAN tell you that it is NOT Dreamland. Sorry.

4) I have been traveling almost weekly to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Valencia Spain, and many other fine places in order to make this movie happen.

5) YOU all will be the FIRST to know when I announce this new movie.

6) You will also be following along as I make it. I promise.

7) The Dreamland Chronicles WILL finish. And I STILL hope this year. I just need to finish the script for the last 2 chapters.

8) Obviously the combination of trying to wrap up every storyline I’ve written over the last 10 years is a bit daunting. But, since I had planned it all out… it’s almost done.

9) I am screenwriting, directing, and producing (as well as art directing and much more) for the film. Please be patient with me as I do NOT want to rush this final chapter of Dreamland out just to get it done.

10) I love you all for your overwhelming support over the years. I can’t express to you enough how much you have all meant to me and my family. And there’s a LITTLE bit of me that doesn’t WANT to finish this last chapter because I will miss you all each day.

11) I promise you that that is in no way a factor in why I haven’t begun the last pages yet. It’s the movie. Totally the movie.


I hope that brings you all up to speed on things.

I’ll try to post some art from time to time to keep things from getting stagnant.

In the meantime… if you want to know what’s going on with me day-to-day… just find me on Facebook. That’s where I’m the most active.