November 4, 2013 was the last page of Chapter 20 of the 22 Chapter series of the Dreamland Chronicles.

It has been over 5 months… and still no sign of an update in sight. What gives?

While I have been keeping everyone updated on my situation through these blog posts since before even that fateful last page… it seems many of you haven’t really let it sink in.

I’m making a movie.

That’s right… I’m writing, directing, and producing my very first feature film.

This is a big thing for me. It has been something I’ve been working towards for quite some years.


Does this mean that I am giving up on Dreamland?


Are you KIDDING me? I’ve been working on Dreamland for 12 years now! I not only want to finish it… I NEED to finish it.

I have the last two chapters plotted out and am working (in my spare time) on getting the script written.

I want to start updating as SOON as possible.

But every day with the movie… there are more fires to be put out… and a LOT of travel.


So, I ask you, fellow dreamers, to please be patient with me. As much as it may pain you to not see the final conclusion of The Dreamland Chronicles… it pains me just as much.

My boys (who I began writing this for when they were born) are now 11 and asking when I will get them the final book (Book Eight) so they can see how it all ends.

I only have a few more years, I would think, while they’re still this excited to read Dreamland.

I MUST finish this book.


In the meantime… if you’re in any way interested in the making of the film… you can follow along here…


I thank you all for reading along, being my friends, and encouraging me over the years.

I won’t let you all down.


I promise.