Hey all…

So after years of answering so many questions about the process and updating schedule and pretty much everything about Dreamland…I’ve finally created a FAQ!

So…here we go. Feel free to ask more questions below and I’ll happily add to this list.



1) How often does The Dreamland Chronicles Update?

The Dreamland Chronicles updates FIVE days a week. Monday through Friday.

Midnight (CST).

For years I’ve updated lock clockwork. But as we’re getting further into the story…I think I’ll have to take a few weeks off between chapters to work up more buffers.

But until then…it’ll always be updated every day…Monday through Friday. Promise.


2) What software do you use to make The Dreamland Chronicles?

3D Studio Max. I love their Character Studio setup with Biped.

We use morph targets for facial expressions.

Brazil Rendering system is used with Global Illumination for renders.

And finally…Frischluft’s Lenscare for depth of field and glow in Photoshop.

3) Is the Dreamland Chronicles safe for my kids to read?

Absolutely. I’m writing this with my twin sons (currently 6 years old) in mind and they love it.

As always…parents should read stories FIRST before letting their children read…but other than some sword play and a few bad guys getting killed…oh…and some kissing….we’re pretty G rated.

4) Is The Dreamland Chronicles collected as books?

Yup. You can order from the store (see above in the links).

There areΒ 4 books now. Book 5 should be ready by October 2011

5) Will you link to my comic?

I’m trying to work out a system for that. Currently I’m not linking to new comics.


I got started by the kindness of others linking to me. So I’d like to implement a way to do this.

One thing to remember, though, is I will NOT link to comics that have bad language, sex, gore, and such.

We’re trying to keep the links from here family friendly.

6) Can I email you questions?

Of course! I love getting emails.

I always reply…but just please be patient. I do get a lot of emails. So sometimes it takes a bit to reply.

7) How many people work on the comic?

Good Question (thanks Dan).

Well first we have Karen Krajenbrink who does the character designs.

Then the designs are giving to the character modellers.

Ivan Perez, Can Tuncer, Marcello Bortolino, Peter Starostin, and others.

Once modelled…the rigging and morph targets are done by…

Juan Carlos Prados Herrada, Jenn Downs, Kobi Alony, and others.

Environments are designed by Stefano Tsai who also models them.

Additional environment models are done by Antero Pedras.

Over the last 7 years…there have been over 20 people involved in the production of The Dreamland Chronicles.

8 ) What do you do to make a page?

Once I have all of the “assets” for the story. I take my script…do storyboards of the pages…and start laying out the scenes on the computer.

I pose, light, tweak textures, and render.

Once I’m happy with a frame…I take it into photoshop and add depth of field (blurring the background) and slight glows.

I fix any problems with the paint brush…and put the page together.

I then letter it. And…I guess that’s it.

It’s a lot of work…

9) How long does it take you to do a page?

It really depends.

First you have to take into account the time it takes to design, model, rig, and texture the characters. Additionally there’s the environments too.

Once I have them all…and I have the scene set up the way I want…lit for the time of day and such…then I can work.

That time. from THAT point…takes me about a day a page.

If it’s just two characters talking…i can sometimes crank out 3 pages a day. But the action scenes usually take a bit longer. Or scenes that have dozens of characters in it.

I have to place each character into the scene…pose them….and make sure they move in each frame and are not static.

Hope that answers that one.

You can watch me working here…


10) This looks like a movie. Are you going to turn it into a movie?

I started Dreamland to be made as if it were a feature film.

I saved up my money and have put a lot of money and time into the development of this project.

I come from 3D animation and treated it as a movie.

That said…we DO have plans to turn it into a movie and we have a wonderful teamΒ of actors, writers, and producers already attached.

But until it goes public…I can’t say anything more about that…sorry.

So…YES…we do have plans for a Dreamland Chronicles feature film.

11) Do you accept Fan Art?

Oh HECK yes. I LOVE fan art.

Any Fan art I get…usually goes into the printed books. So definitely show me.

I hope to create a page on the site dedicated to fan art.

12) Do you go to any conventions?

Yes. I try to get to a few a year.

But as the movie projects have been taking up a lot of my time…it’s getting harder and harder to do so.

13) Will you attend a con near me?

I would love to. But it depends on a few things.

a) My schedule has to permit it.

b) Finances. If I can afford to go.

If a con INVITES me as a guest and helps with the costs…I’m usually more likely to attend.

So if you know of a con near you that would be interested in inviting me…Have them email me.

14) Do you do sketches at conventions?

Yes. And I don’t charge for that.

I love doing sketches in the inside of the books and will sketch any character.

It’s a lot of fun to do. And I encourage people to bring books…or buy them from me at cons and get sketches of their favorite characters.